Raptoreum crypto’s love of large L3 caches could lead to an AMD CPU shortage

In short: It’s no secret that crypto miners have performed a giant half within the graphics card scarcity. Now, it seems that a brand new cryptocurrency mined utilizing CPUs may have an identical impact on processors, particularly these from AMD with massive L3 caches.

Bitcoin Press stories that Raptoreum (RTM), which launched earlier this yr following three years in testnet, may doubtlessly worsen shortages of AMD CPUs with huge L3 caches, resembling Ryzen, Threadripper, and Epyc processors.

Proof-of-work (PoW) coin Raptoreum relies on the GhostRider mining algorithm to maintain the Raptoreum blockchain community clear from ASICs. Combining modified Cryptonite and x16r algorithms, GhostRider makes use of the L3 cache for mining, that means miners are scrambling to seize AMD CPUs such because the Ryzen 9 3000/5000 sequence (as much as 64MB of L3), Threadripper (as much as 128MB), and EPYC (as much as 256MB).

Profitability tables present that the AMD Ryzen 9 3900 can deliver 4600 H/s in Raptoreum with out optimizations, whereas the Ryzen 9 5950X can attain as much as 6800 H/s, although the latter chip’s increased value must be taken into consideration when taking a look at profitability. For comparability, Intel’s new Core i9-12900K with its 30MB of cache gives 3700 H/s.

This Raptoreum calculator exhibits that utilizing a Ryzen 9 3900X can internet customers 101 Raptoreum per day. With an power value of $0.12, that works out at a mean revenue of $2.98 per day. Based mostly on the CPU’s $469 Amazon value, miners will likely be in revenue by round 157 days. As with all crypto, the worth of Raptoreum does fluctuate wildly, so these figures can change.

Some persons are already snapping up Ryzen CPUs in big portions to create Raptoreum mining farms such because the one above that was printed by El Chapuzas Informatico (through VideoCardz). It makes use of 28 ASUS Prime X570P motherboards and 28 Ryzen 9 CPUs.

With the run-up to the vacations and the chip disaster, some CPUs are briefly provide. Furthermore, AMD lately lowered the worth of sure Ryzen 5000-series processors as a response to Alder Lake, making crew crimson’s chips much more interesting to Raptoreum miners.

Middle picture credit score: El Chapuzas Informatico

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