NVIDIA Hopper MCM GPU w/ 3D Stacking to Draw Over 1,000W of Power: Over 30,000 Cores [Rumor]

NVIDIA’s next-gen information heart GPU (accelerator) will draw over 1,000W of energy. This was revealed by well-respected tipster @kopitekimi the opposite day. Codenamed “Hopper” after the American laptop scientist Grace Hopper, the GH180 is anticipated to characteristic 3D stacking (TSMC’s CoWois packaging expertise). It’ll be a heterogeneous chip that includes a mixture of Grace (GH200) and Hopper (TH500). What precisely is the distinction between Grace and Hooper stays unknown. Both approach, Hopper ought to characteristic two similar chiplets, every that includes over 10,000 CUDA cores and round 1280GB of HBM2e/HBM3 reminiscence.

NVIDIA RTX 4080/4090 Specs

If the AD102 features a complete of 18,432 cores, we are able to count on roughly 16,000 cores on the RTX 4080 and 18,000 on the RTX 4090. Contemplating that we’re prone to see the AD102 fabbed on Samsung’s 5nm/6nm node, the rise in transistor density ought to soak up the in any other case anticipated enhance in die measurement.

With the subsequent era of GeForce graphics playing cards, we’re not solely phenomenal efficiency targets but in addition appreciable will increase to the TDP. In keeping with Greymon and Kopitekimi, the Lovelace-based RTX 4080/4090 will draw as a lot as 500W of energy underneath load. That is regardless of the usage of probably the most superior and environment friendly course of nodes on the planet. Nonetheless, operating the numbers sort of provides up. The AD102 flagship is anticipated to characteristic 144 SMs/12 GPCs, a achieve of 71% by way of logic in comparison with the GA102. Even when TSMC’s N5 node is 30% extra power-efficient than Samsung’s 8nm LPP node, we’re a rise of a minimum of 80% in {hardware} items. That ought to simply lead to an influence draw a minimum of 30-50% greater than the top-end (RTX 3080/3090) Ampere choices.

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Hopper might characteristic two Ada dies on the identical substrate (By way of: @Harukaze)

In keeping with a report from Igor, this will probably be facilitated by the brand new 12VHPWR energy connector. As a part of the next-gen PCIe Gen 5 commonplace, the PCI SIG has outlined a brand new “Excessive Energy Connector” or H+ for graphics playing cards with a energy requirement of as much as 600W. The 12VHPWR connector is a significant departure from the present PCI Specific 2×3/2×4 Auxiliary Energy connectors. Whereas the pins of the previous have a spacing of three.0 mm, the latter has a bigger spacing of 4.2 mm. Due to this fact, they received’t be suitable with the identical {hardware} and require modifications on each the PSU and the GPU PCB.

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