Perseverance rover records Ingenuity’s 13th flight

NASA has shared a video that the Perseverance recorded of the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter’s thirteenth flight. The flight occurred on September 4, and the video offers us the perfect look but on the helicopter in motion. Sadly, because of the huge distance, the helicopter is working away from the rover, it’s nonetheless very troublesome to see it in some frames of the video. Nonetheless, NASA did circle the helicopter, making it simpler to maintain observe of.

Whereas NASA is just now sharing the video of the thirteenth flight, Ingenuity is presently on the brink of carry out its sixteenth flight. The flight is predicted to occur no sooner than November 20. As NASA gears up for that flight, we get a great take a look at Flight 13. It lasted 160.5 seconds and is taken into account some of the complicated flights the helicopter has taken to this point.

Flight 13 was complicated as a result of helicopters flew into assorted terrain contained in the Séítah geological function to take photos of a rock outcrop from a number of angles. The photographs had been for the rover group to make use of the plan a route via the realm. Imaging was acquired from an altitude of 26 ft and was used along with comparable photos taken throughout Flight 12. The video of Ingenuity in motion was recorded by Perseverance’s Mastcam-Z and reveals a lot of the helicopter’s flight profile.

A second video shared by NASA reveals a close-up throughout takeoff and touchdown. It was made as a part of a scientific remark to measure mud plumes generated by the helicopter. When it made the recordings, Perseverance was about 328 yards away, a distance of about three soccer fields. The 2 movies additionally spotlight the important thing variations between the proper and left cameras of Mastcam-Z.

The close-up of the touchdown and takeoff was captured utilizing the proper digital camera. The opposite video was recorded utilizing the left digital camera, and the helicopter seems as a speck within the distance. Every time Ingenuity takes off from the Martian floor, it creates a small plume of mud that the proper digital camera can document the movement of. After lifting off, Ingenuity rose to its most altitude of 26 ft and turned to line up its colour digital camera.

After performing its alignment maneuver, the helicopter pitched over, permitting the thrust from the rotors to maneuver it horizontally off-screen. Later within the video, Ingenuity returns to land in the identical space the place it took off. Its touchdown spot was about 39 ft from its takeoff spot. The placement was modified due to a ripple of sand that the helicopter landed on when it accomplished Flight 12.

One other fascinating side that the wide-angle video highlights nicely is how the helicopter maintained altitude throughout flight. Ingenuity is fitted with a laser altimeter that routinely adjusts its altitude, permitting it to climb because it approaches the ridge after which descends to stay precisely 26 ft above the floor of Mars. Flight 13 occurred proper earlier than all of the spacecraft on Mars went quiet throughout the Mars photo voltaic conjunction.

In the course of the photo voltaic conjunction, Mars and Earth are on reverse sides of the solar. Consequently, NASA sends no instructions to any of its spacecraft on the floor or orbiting the planet throughout that point. The explanation for the communications blackout is that there’s a probability any directions despatched throughout the photo voltaic conjunction could possibly be garbled, leading to unintended penalties.

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