Here’s How To Skip Halo Infinite’s Unskippable Loading Screen And What Might Be The Best Mod Ever

Shrek Wearing Halo Infinite Helmet
Halo Infinite is ready to launch subsequent month, although within the meantime, 343 Industries stunned keen followers by launching the free-to-player multiplayer part early. Whereas it’s categorized as a beta construct, it contains all maps and core modes in Season 1. It additionally comes with what’s imagined to be an unskippable loading display screen that’s round 20 seconds lengthy, although there’s truly a method round it. There’s additionally a fairly comical mod that may be utilized.

Skipping the unskippable intro could be achieved solely on PC (sorry, console avid gamers) if you understand how to do it. The best way the sport is coded, it triggers a video file in MP4 format. All you must do is find the file in query, dump it within the trash bin, and be rid of the 20-second loading display screen perpetually (or till it will get patched again in).

Halo Infinite Videos Folder

The best method to do that is to fireside up Steam, right-click on Halo Infinite and choose Properties. Click on Native Recordsdata within the left-hand column, then press the Browse button, which ought to carry up Halo Infinite’s set up folder in Explorer. From there, navigate to the movies folder and delete or rename the intro.mp4 file. Renaming it serves as a backup, as you may also change the title again to intro.mp4 to revive the video. Or you’ll be able to simply fling the file to a different folder or a USB flash drive as a substitute of deleting it outright.

An alternative choice is to interchange the video with one thing else. Jason Lamb, an Instructional Lead Developer for McMaster College’s Postgraduate Treatment Schooling program, introduced consideration to this trick on Twitter by changing the intro with a clip from Shrek. Test it out…

This opens the door to pranking somebody when you have entry to their PC. Somewhat than delete the video or change it with a brief clip, Lamb identified in one other tweet that because the intro is hard-coded to solely end when the video is completed taking part in, “technically you possibly can pressure somebody to observe the whole lot of Joel Schumacher’s ‘Batman & Robin’ each time.”

The thoughts run wilds with potential substitute movies to prank others with, whether or not it is a revival of the Rick Roll or one thing else. Get pleasure from!

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